LIVE ONLINE Mindful & Intuitive Eating 07/09

LIVE ONLINE Mindful & Intuitive Eating 07/09

Savoring flavors, intuitively nourishing your body, and appreciating food’s true purpose. Mindful and intuitive eating isn’t a diet, it is a way of life. Implementing these practices on a regular basis can have a positive, transformative effect on your eating habits, relationship with food, and overall health.

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Saturdays, July 9 - 23, 2022 | 9:00 - 10:30 AM


Amy Noelle, MPT

Amy Noelle is a certified Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach. She has degrees in Psychology and Physical Therapy and three certifications in Mindfulness Based Interventions from UCSD. Amy is the founder of, an online coaching resource for mindfulness, performance & lifestyle wellness. She is passionate about connecting the mind, body and spirit, to achieve balanced wellness and, in turn, happiness. Amy believes deeply that mindful and compassionate awareness can mobilize inner resources leading to balanced wellness and peak performance in all areas of life.

LIVE ONLINE Mindful & Intuitive Eating 07/09

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3 sessions


Amy Noelle, MPT




$200 Registration Fee
$180 (ends 06/08/22) Early Registration Fee

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