3 May 2022

Yoga Therapy for Stress Reduction (6 Week Series) – Thursdays at 6:00-7:30 PM

By uci_admin

Slow down, breathe deep, and be restored. Yoga for stress reduction is designed to offer tools to calm the mind and the nervous system, promoting a sense of ease. Classes will include a brief discussion, as well as an all-levels meditative, gentle yoga practice, where calming postures are held for longer periods of time to release tension in the body and mind. Research has shown that restorative yoga practices are beneficial in reducing insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Please contact Talor Enos, Mindfulness Programs Assistant, with any questions at tenos@hs.uci.edu.


Week 1 – Stress, Real Relaxation, and Yoga Relaxation – Meet, greet, and gain an overall view of yoga theory and practice. The first class will include an introduction to basic yoga postures, breathing, meditation, journaling, and relaxation experience.

Week 2 – Mindfulness and the Mind-Body Connection – Understanding the relationship between mindfulness and everyday stress. Class includes a mindful yoga practice with an explanation and experience of diaphragmatic breathing as well as a grounding meditation. 

Week 3 – How Mindfulness Works with Stress Reduction – Discussion of ways to reduce stress in various aspects of life utilizing affirmations, breathwork and guided imagery practices.

Week 4 – Mindfulness of the Body – Focus on how to work with pain through body awareness. The practice will include tools such as the body scan method, extended exhalation technique, and Yoga Nidra practice.

Week 5 – Transformation Through Loving Kindness – Understanding the mind-body connection, yoga tools to work through resistance, and experiential practice of the loving kindness meditation.

Week 6 – Stress Assessment and Practice – Identification and reflection of stressors. Yoga practice, breathwork, and meditation for stress reduction to be utilized on and off the mat.

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