Thriving Beyond Cancer

If you are in remission from cancer and are interested in healthier living, this program brings together individuals who have recovered from cancer treatment for shared medical visits focused on health and wellbeing.

This small group program connects individuals who are in remission from cancer and want to move beyond disease to more vibrant health.

Over 12 weeks of shared medical visits, you will be empowered to redefine your personal wellness journey through learning about and experiencing healthy nutrition, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Tai Chi, mindfulness, aromatherapy, and recommended supplements that are safe and supported by science.

You will be introduced to a group of expert providers who will guide and accompany you on your new path. Come join us and experience thriving beyond cancer!


  • Join with others who share similar health goals and concerns. Learn strategies for improving health.
  • Spend extended time with providers.
  • Gain personal insights from the questions and comments of others. Mentor future participants, if interested.


Consider participating in this program if the following describes you:

  • Completed cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation).
  • Approximately three – six months or longer in remission.
  • UCI Health patient in any clinical area. If you are interested in participating, but are not currently a UCI Health patient, call 949-824-7000 for options.


This is a 12-week program. Some meetings are in person; others are virtual. In-person visits take place at: UCI Health Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute.


Many shared medical visits are covered by health insurance. Check with your health plan administrator prior to participation.

For registration and more information: 949-824-7000

Program development is made possible by a generous gift from Sherry and John Phelan.