Naturopathic Residency Program

Launched in October of 2016 in collaboration with Bastyr University, the Naturopathic Residency Program at SSIHI continues to grow and expand its reach, providing our residents unique opportunities for education, research, and patient care, while contributing to the advancement and enhancement of integrative health care at UCI. The ND residency program continues to meet and exceed the standards set by the Council for Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) by introducing standardized, competency-based, post-graduate training for naturopathic graduates.

In addition to providing direct care to patients seeking integrative health care, our residents actively participate and contribute to interprofessional and multidisciplinary educational and research activities. Our residency program has resulted in the development and implementation of integrative health services for the underserved community in Orange County, as well as the development and delivery of collaborative clinical initiatives at UCI Health.

Our program enrolls two first-year and two second-year residents each year, selected from a very competitive pool of applicants.