Mind & Body • 27 May 2022

Coming Together to Go Beyond Breast Cancer

By uci_admin

If you are in remission from breast cancer and are interested in healthier living, the UCI Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute is introducing an innovative program for you.

This 12-week program, Beyond Cancer, brings together women who have recovered from breast cancer treatment for shared medical visits focused on health and wellbeing. You will experience acupuncture and essential oils, tai chi and mindfulness, and other practices that are designed to help you define your personal path to healthier living. You will engage in conversations with people who are living with similar questions and concerns. And, you will have extended time to chat with expert providers.

A healthcare team is present at each meeting, including one or more of the following health professionals, depending upon the activities and topics to be covered: medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, health coach, nutritionist, acupuncturist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or other expert clinicians. Medical leaders will help you keep up with recommended follow-up care, including visits to treating physicians, and can assist with clinical matters such as placing consult requests.

If you are a UCI Health patient in any clinical area, have completed breast cancer treatment and have been in remission for at least three months, and would like to enroll in the August 11 session or learn more about this program, please click here or call the Samueli Institute today at 714-424-9001.

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