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Inpatient Acupuncture Service at UCI Medical Center

By uci_admin

Inpatient Acupuncture Service at UCI Medical Center

By Rachel Rychlock, MSTCM, L.Ac, Dipl.O.M.

Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

UCI Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences

We just marked the first anniversary of our inpatient acupuncture service at UCI Medical Center in Orange, CA. During this time, our inpatient acupuncturists have worked closely with several departments to offer pain and symptom relief to our admitted patients and have thus far given 3380 individual treatments.  Patients are very happy to have the acupuncture service and report a decrease in pain, nausea and stress, and improvement in sleep and relaxation.

For many patients, this is their first experience with acupuncture and a common response is, “Oh great, I’ve been wanting to try acupuncture!”  For patients who have had inpatient acupuncture in the past year from our service, we are often requested immediately if they are readmitted.

Our acupuncture team is regularly consulted for patients with complex and difficult pain and accompanying symptoms.  Our consults include patients with pre- and post-surgical pain, severe wound or burn pain, chronic pain, cancer pain, complicated births, and general comfort care.

As acupuncturists, we receive instant feedback from our patients, who are happy to report a great benefit from the service, and strongly recommend our services to other patients.  We often hear from patients that they love having integrative health options and feel that UCI goes the extra mile for patient care by offering inpatient acupuncture and integrative health options.

One of the biggest compliments we’ve received so far, was a silent but powerful one.  One of our pediatric patients was making his way to the play room, and saw our acupuncturist, Dr. Mariko Horie in the hallway.  Rather than continuing, he turned around and led her back to his room to have an acupuncture treatment instead.

Additionally, we have received much positive feedback from our healthcare teams and patients, here are a few examples:

Patrick Thompson, BCC, MDiv |Chaplain

“As chaplain of the Palliative team I enjoy the interactions I have with our patients. Most recently, our Palliative patients have expressed how thankful they are of the holistic care they receive from us. One patient in particular told me how our acupuncturist had helped relieve their pain. Acupuncture is now an important part our Palliative team in how we care for our patients holistically.”

Camille Harris, Clinical Nurse IV |Burn ICU

“Several of my patients in the Burn ICU have had acupuncture and love it.  Patients report they feel relaxed, and have a reduction in pain.  This is an especially great option for our patients before, after and even during wound care.”

Patient comments:

Press Ganey Comment:  Acute Rehab Unit

“The addition of acupuncture in rehab was such a bonus. It was relaxing, peaceful and helped manage any pain without the use of drugs.”

Anonymous:  Palliative patient family member

“Thank you for your exceptional and compassionate care, we cherish each extra day of comfort you helped give us.”


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