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Integrative Insights | Q&A with an Expert | Integrative Physical Therapy Questions Answered

By uci_admin

What is integrative physical therapy?  

Integrative physical therapists help improve the way you move by considering the entire body and how it works together to help you move efficiently and pain-free. They examine how the body functions and moves together, often considering how other parts of the body impact the area of concern as well evaluating the visceral system’s influence on the musculoskeletal system. With chronic or persistent pain, the body is in a protective state. An integrative physical therapist takes a holistic approach to treatment by identifying what may be injured and what the body may be protecting to cause the injury. Various treatments may be utilized including the incorporation of movement, manual therapy, complementary therapies, and education.  The hope is to help the body naturally restore function to injured areas and allow the patient to return to his/her preferred activities.


What type of conditions do you usually treat?  

We can treat any musculoskeletal condition and specialize in chronic or persistent pain. Common areas are: neck, upper back, lower back, shoulder, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.


What modalities do you use in your treatment?

Manual therapy techniques such as myofascial release, joint mobilization, visceral manipulation, myofascial decompression, and strain counterstrain. We also prescribe therapeutic exercise to help promote mobility, improve posture, and improve strength.

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