23 Apr 2021

Integrative Insights | Q&A with an Expert | Integrative Physical Therapy Questions Answered

What is integrative physical therapy?   Integrative physical therapists help improve the way you move by considering the entire body and how it works together to…

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27 Mar 2021

The Moving Meditation: A Tai Chi Journey Begins with One Step

The Moving Meditation: A Tai Chi Journey Begins with One Step By Hui Hwang, L.Ac, DAOM, Dipl.OM SSIHI Acupuncturist What do you imagine when I…

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4 Feb 2021

3 Common Pain Conditions Improved with Yoga Therapy

By Heidi M. Crocker, EdD, DC, c-IAYT SSIHI Yoga Therapist Yoga therapy is an essential component of integrative pain care, which has been found to…

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31 Aug 2020

Gut Health During Times of Stress

Gut Health During Times of Stress By Marvin Singh, MD – Director of Integrative Gastroenterology Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute UCI Susan and Henry Samueli…

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15 Jul 2020

Simple Self-Stretching Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain may be worsened by stress.  Individuals tend to lift up and tighten muscles around the neck and shoulder area when stressed.…

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13 Apr 2020

Staying Active at Home

Practicing social distancing should not mean staying sedentary. Under routine circumstances 80% of the US adult and adolescent population do not meet the recommended physical…

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